People are complex beings, and groups are complexity multiplied. And teams who display trust, embrace differences, disagree and commit, and cultivate psychological safety are those that achieve great things and have fun in the process. In coaching teams and facilitating group learning and growth, I use a combination of proven skills, targeted inquiry, preparation, patience, compassion, and an uncanny ability to turn a challenging moment into an “aha” experience. I believe that people learn best in positive environments, that participation by all is key, and that new ways of being motivate new—and better—ways of doing. 

Team Coaching and Facilitation

In working with both new and seasoned teams, I partner with leaders and team members to first identify challenges and opportunities, then create customized programs to solve problems, build skills, foster fun, and help people create the most impactful outcomes they can—together.



I engage with teams in single-day on site workshops, offsite gatherings, or multi-month projects which offer ongoing gatherings for team observation and facilitation and presentation of customized content. I also offer engagements that combine team meeting facilitation or training with individual coaching for select team members.

Focus areas

Building on the challenges and opportunities you and your team face, I offer content in the following areas:

  • Building team trust, shared vision and psychological safety
  • Reducing communication barriers and conflicts
  • Fighting a silo mentality
  • Assessments to define and leverage style differences
  • Cultivating transparency, compassion and pride

Demonstrated impact

  • Enhanced communication, collaboration, and connection
  • Reduced conflict, confusion, and misalignment
  • Increased commitment and productivity
  • Happy and harmonious teams
  • Achievement of optimal performance and results

Grow Leadership Coaching for Groups

The Grow Leadership Coaching (GLC) program is designed to increase leadership capability and advance the development of high-potential leaders in your organization.


How it works

The program is delivered over 3-6 months and includes half-day group workshops, individualized leadership coaching sessions, and peer coaching and accountability among the GLC cohort members. 

Focus areas

Starting with an understanding of your organization’s goals and values, I offer concepts that get to the heart of motivated leadership including:

  • Building a “coaching habit”
  • Leadership branding
  • Leveraging vertical and horizontal development
  • Establishing executive presence
  • Communicating with gravitas
  • Leading through growth

Demonstrated impact

  • High-potential employee retention
  • Seeding growing leaders across the organization who can communicate leadership tools and language to their groups in a consistent and cohesive manner
  • Rich engagement with peers leading to cross functional integration
  • Enhanced connection to the organization’s mission and purpose

Partnering with Marcy to create and facilitate our leadership development program has been a pleasure. Her insights and encouragement were invaluable and her warm facilitation style allowed our leaders to relax and open to learning. She is never afraid to name the elephant in the room in a way that allows the group to get real—leading us all to deeper insights.
— HR Director, Tech Company, Bellevue