The executive leaders and emerging stars I partner with come to the table with a unique mix of strengths and opportunities for growth, along with a need to navigate the challenges of leading within fast-moving, complex and ambiguous organizations. As a result of our coaching together, they achieve clarity, shift behavior, shed habits that don't serve them, pivot to new roles— they grow in their leadership and perform at a higher level, allowing them to make a greater impact.

Executive Coaching for Individuals



I meet clients where they are. At the engagement’s outset, I gather information, ask questions, dig into narratives, clarify challenges and goals, craft a go-forward strategy, and then, as a team, we execute on it. You have options around how we work together—in a multi-session package, on a monthly retainer basis, or in a flexible combination of both. Before and between each session, you are in forward motion—writing, reading, and executing on our strategy. Through focused coaching in a close and supportive partnership, we achieve our goals: targets are hit, promotions are earned, and best-fit roles are landed. 

More than hitting targets

During the coaching process, clients develop a clearer sense of themselves—what’s working for them and what’s not—and emerge with a bigger and more flexible set of competencies, skills and behaviors, and higher degree of confidence, capability, and potential. Before they are even fully aware of it, my clients—and their colleagues and teams—are benefiting from this positive growth. 


If you manage a leader you feel would benefit from working with an external coach, contact me. Using stakeholder interviews and assessment tools, along with close client consultation, I customize a strategy that serves both the leader’s and the organization’s most important goals and objectives. 

Focus areas

Uncovering values, energizing strengths, and purpose; crafting a clear and compelling personal brand; cultivating emotional intelligence; revealing blind spots; observing and shifting unproductive patterns; enhancing personal effectiveness and productivity; facing fears and removing roadblocks; managing the inner critic

Building executive presence and visibility; developing personal and organizational leadership; leading through change; managing conflict and challenging team dynamics; creating cohesive, collaborative high performing teams; leading up, down, and across the organization

Speaking with gravitas; creating a habit of inquiry; navigating tough conversations; building confidence; crafting a compelling pitch; negotiating to win

Identifying direction and targets; networking, developing a transition story; leveraging performance feedback; interviewing and onboarding for maximum effectiveness

Developing rigor around strategic thinking; gaining clarity on values, organizational direction and priorities and create compelling future vision

Marcy is so much more than just an amazing coach. She is an insightful listener, confidante, and navigator who always has your best interest in mind. Marcy enabled me to uncover personal insights that proved invaluable to linking the ‘story of me’ to the opportunities that truly were the best and right fit. I look forward to leveraging Marcy’s expertise for months and years to come.
— Chief Marketing Officer, Tech Industry