Looking back and forward

With almost three weeks of 2017 in the books, I’m in process with my annual ritual: reckoning with last year and diving into the one we’re in. And with the abundance of uncertainty around us, to me it’s more important than ever to ask questions and uncover some answers as I assess the gifts and trials of 2016, and create some deliberate intentions for 2017. If you’re interested in doing this along with me, please read on!

Possible 2016 look-back questions:

  • What did you achieve that you are most proud of?
  • What new skills did you learn or develop that you enjoy and successfully use?
  • What was your 2016 favorite experience and why? And conversely, what experience did you have that you’d rather not repeat?
  • What went undone that you wish you’d checked off your list (and not because they should have gotten done, but because you wanted to do them)?

Make some lists, think a bit, and then take whatever resonates most into the next question:

What do you want
to see happen for yourself in 2017?

I’m not much of a new year’s resolution maker, but I do believe that setting an intention or two—personal or professional or one that hugs both—helps create feelings of personal efficacy, clarity, and purpose.  

Do you want to get clearer on a blind spot that’s working against you? Is it time to make work more meaningful? Time to really leverage what you believe are your best strengths? Ready to focus on what you really want instead of what you think you should want? Pick a question—or more—and take a walk with it.

And… because deep thinking like this requires some inspiration, here are just a few you might use for your 2017 intention-setting project:

  • A fresh perspective on navigating “career stages”
  • A keen observation on how personal and organizational change go hand in hand
  • A timely reminder on why it’s so important to ask questions
  • A call to action on how taking care of our emotions is as important as taking care of our bodies
  • And finally—because it’s beautiful, fun to read, and my right hand at dinnertime—a nod to the best food blog around

I'd love to hear the other ways you might be reckoning with the past year and inspiring yourself into the new one.

Here’s to a healthy, sane, activated, and enriching 2017!


* Photo credit: Forest Road in Oregon by Michael Matti