5 reasons why summer is the perfect time for professional transition

 Ahhh, summer. Even for the fully employed it’s a time to slow down the pace a bit, to relax, spend more time with friends and family—to vacate. For those of you who are pondering or in the midst of professional change, summer is also an ideal time to ignite transition or gain momentum toward a new direction. Huh?

Here's why summer is the perfect time for career transition:

  1. Longer days
    More daylight hours simply allow more activity, more time to get things done. For currently employed career transitioners, this means that after the work day there’s still time left to explore new interests, investigate opportunities, research, write, or just ponder options.
  2. More networking opportunities
    In summer, folks seem more eager and willing to escape the office and meet for Frappuccino-fueled informational interviews. Additionally, outdoor events, farmers markets, street fairs, and other occasions where people collide, provide ripe opportunities for connection and conversation. Widening networks in this way allows for easier entry into the hidden job market where the majority of new positions are secured.
  3. Better weather
    When it’s nice outside, we spend more time outside. When we spend more time outside, we’re often engaged in some physical activity, and when that happens, we feel better—stronger, more optimistic, resilient, and courageous (all killer qualities for transitioners).
  4. More activities that encourage expansive thinking
    I love to pick blackberries. There are many reasons I love to berry pick—the challenge of scoring the fruit while avoiding the brambles, the smell, the park where I do my best picking. But what I love most is the wide thinking my mind expands into while picking: How am I doing with this life? Am I playing in my sweet spot? How could I do things even better?
  5. Companies are still open for business
    Despite the relaxed nature of summer, don’t fool yourself—work is still happening, goals are being met and exceeded, the needle is still being moved. Eager and motivated transitioners can, and will, secure new positions by telling their branded stories to target audiences and compellingly communicating what they love to do and do so well.

So, to those of you pondering career moves, I say: leverage what the summer has to offer—and have fun while doing it!

Happy summer, everyone!